Transforming plastic waste into bottle boats in Cameroon

A Cameroonian non-governmental organisation has found a way to recycle waste plastic bottles by making bottle boats. Yes boats and not only are they preserving the environment but also helping fishermen in the community with a cheaper way of earning a living.

Madiba and Nature, defines itself as an Non Governmental Organisation of Cameroonian student researchers working to promote the circular economy in order to ensure the conservation of nature and its biodiversity.

The NGO is the brainchild of Essome Ismael, a young Cameroonian, whose vision is to reduce plastic waste in aquatic, marine and urban environments in Cameroon to allow for better adaptation to climate change on the continent.

According to Govamedia, the NGO educates people about the preservation of the environment and wants to help change their mentalities and bad habits regarding the management of plastic waste that degrade sensitive ecosystems.


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