Ways that each of us can reduce our use of plastic

There are many ways we can reduce our use of plastic, especially single-use plastic: Don’t ever litter. This is the kind of suffering and death that discarded plastic can cause.     Reduce our use of plastic by reusing plastic items that are safe to reuse, like plastic bags. Most plastic containers have a number from 1…

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plastic debris

Sample Projects for Young Students

Examples of Student Projects that can help reduce plastic debris going into our oceans Work on a project to raise awareness about plastic in the oceans in your school or community. For example create a hand-out brochure or information sheet, posters, or a presentation, or create a talking or music video to post on YouTube.…

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Projects for older students and adults

EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS FOR OLDER STUDENTS AND ADULTS Talk to stores and restaurants, especially take-out food restaurants, to stop, or at least reduce, their use of plastics such as plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, drinking straws, single-use plastic water bottles, and plastic cups, plates, and cutlery.  In several places governments have passed laws to ban the…

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