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Ocean Champions is a totally non-profit environmental project.

Ocean Champions recently received a grant from the Direct Aid program in Australia to translate and print 5,000 copies of the book in Indonesian. The official distributor, Sea Trek Sailing Adventures, is currently distributing books to schools on islands and in villages that are only accessible by water, from Borneo to Papua and various islands in between.  Books are also being distributed over land in Borneo, around Bali and Nusa Penida and have been sent to Lombok to earthquake victims.

With coordination and funding from two NGOs in Mexico City, Mexico Azul and Reversible, Ocean Champions is now also being translated into Spanish for distribution to schools in Mexico and potentially other Latin American countries and Spain. Other organizations that work directly with schools in Mexico will provide distribution throughout the country.

I hope to translate Ocean Champions – A Journey into Seas of Plastic into other languages and make it available in as many other countries as possible. This will incur professional translation costs and, in some cases, production costs. Any contribution to this would be greatly appreciated.  In developing countries, in most cases, the books (hard or online versions) will need to be made available free of charge.

If Ocean Champions eventually acquires returns, funds will go towards producing the book into additional languages for free distribution to schools.


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