Artist successfully depicts what it is like to be in an ocean full of plastic

In Mumbai, India, the organization St-art India has remodeled Sassoon Dock for a huge art display to change people’s perspective on how we treat our planet. The artwork display that has received a lot of attention was created by a Singapore-based artist. It provides people with a feel for what it is like for fish or other underwater ocean animals to be ‘trapped in an ocean full of plastic.

Transforming plastic waste into bottle boats in Cameroon

A Cameroonian non-governmental organisation has found a way to recycle waste plastic bottles by making bottle boats. Yes boats and not only are they preserving the environment but also helping fishermen in the community with a cheaper way of earning a living.

Madiba and Nature, defines itself as an Non Governmental Organisation of Cameroonian student researchers working to promote the circular economy in order to ensure the conservation of nature and its biodiversity.

The NGO is the brainchild of Essome Ismael, a young Cameroonian, whose vision is to reduce plastic waste in aquatic, marine and urban environments in Cameroon to allow for better adaptation to climate change on the continent.

According to Govamedia, the NGO educates people about the preservation of the environment and wants to help change their mentalities and bad habits regarding the management of plastic waste that degrade sensitive ecosystems.


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BRITA® and PRESERVE® Announce Filter Recycling Program

11/18/2008: The Take Back The Filter campaign is thrilled to announce that Brita and Preserve have teamed up to create a take-back recycling program for Brita pitcher filter cartridges! Read the full press release here.

In a nutshell, beginning in January, folks will be able to drop off filters at Whole Foods Markets or mail them in. Preserve, a U.S. company manufacturing household products from recycled plastic, will recycle 100% of the plastic casing. And the filter material will be regenerated or converted to energy.

Please see our 11/18/08 news item for more details.

Brita tells us that since the faucet mount filters are made from a different type of plastic from the pitcher filters, they are not part of the program at this time. However, Brita and Preserve are continuing to explore options to recycle faucet mount filters and hopes to have a solution in the near future.